L1® System Benefits

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The Bose® Personalized Amplification System™ family of products


  • Performance and enjoyment dramatically improve because musicians no longer struggle to hear themselves or each other.
  • As in the case of an unamplified performance, the sound is under the control of the musicians, and no one else. As a result, musicians no longer wonder how they sound to their fellow musicians or to their audiences.
  • Personalized Amplification System™ products are carried and set up in minutes, not hours, thus freeing musicians from the time-consuming, draining, and frustrating effort required to properly set up conventional amplifiers, monitors, mixers, and PA equipment.
  • A close, personal relationship with Bose, one where knowledgeable and courteous employees can be reached easily, and where a new standard of customer service is enjoyed.


  • The enhanced performance of the musicians creates the kind of excitement and emotion that music lovers say they value more than anything else.
  • Musicians hear what their audiences hear – and thus are unlikely to play at uncomfortable sound levels. The music is naturally dynamic – everything from the softest to the most intense passage can be heard and enjoyed.
  • Audience members report that the clarity and excitement that come from hearing the accurate reproduction of sound from each instrument, and from hearing the sound of each instrument in its position on stage (as opposed to a mono or even stereo mix of all instruments) is unlike anything they have heard before in an amplified performance.