L1 Compact to S1 Pro

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L1 Compact
S1 Pro  This information is applicable to the S1 Pro system

This page describes 'how' to make the connections. Please also see: Stereo / Mono / Distributed Systems to read when and 'why' you would do this.

Use this when you want the same output from a L1 Compact and an S1 Pro System, typically to provide additional coverage in another area or to use the L1 Compact as the front of house PA and the S1 Pro System as a stage monitor.

For best results running a Compacts and an S1 Pro System with the same source, place the two systems so there is no overlap in the coverage areas.

Compact Daisy Chain Excerpt FromManual.gif

Note: The volume settings on the Compact will raise and lower the output to the S1 Pro System. Set the volumes on the Compact first and then bring up the level on the S1 Pro System to set the relative volumes between the two systems.


S1 Pro System Settings

S1 Pro Settings for mixer.jpg

  • Reverb OFF
  • Bass at 12:00 o'clock
  • Treble at 12:00 o'clock
  • ToneMatch switch OFF

You can adjust the Reverb, Bass, and Treble after you get your basic sound working.