L1 Model 1S Compared to L1 Model II Vertical Dispersion

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This is a rough approximation of the vertical dispersion of the L1® Model 1S compared to the L1® Model II.

If the audience is on the same level as the L1®, both models will do fine.

If the L1® is on an elevated stage, you need to ensure that the listeners' ears are within the vertical dispersion area shown as the blue area.

L1® Model 1S
The L1® Model 1S vertical dispersion is 10° (+/- 5°).
Reference: L1® Model 1S Technical Data Sheet

L1 Model 1S vertical dispersion +/- 5°

L1® Model II
The L1® Model II vertical dispersion is 0°.
Reference: L1® Model II Technical Data Sheet

L1 Model II vertical dispersion 0°