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L1 Pro This information is applicable to the L1 Pro

This information applies to all L1 Pro models.

Some people turn up the inputs 1 and 2 without nothing attached and are concerned about hiss from the system.
It's not advised to turn up a channel to halfway with nothing plugged into it and NOT mute it. Not with this system, or any PA system. This is not how a PA is used. As has been stated several times on various posts, the Pro32 is a very loud system with an aggressive taper on the first 50% of the volume dial. Digital gain + analog gain working together to provide a smooth taper for mic or line level instruments without having select what type of input source. Noise floor levels are imperceptible when proper gain staging in use, and in the presence of ambient event noise.

Source: Craig Small - Bose

If you turn up an L1 Pro16 channel beyond 1/2 way in a quiet house and relatively no ambient noise: you will hear some noise floor because that setting is LOUD. Do the exact same thing in a club or venue and you will not hear the noise floor. Channels 1 & 2 can accommodate mic level and line level inputs, and do so by intersecting hardware/preamp gain and digital/DSP gain. While no signal is present, you may hear the DSP gain "steps" while increasing or decreasing the volume. But when an audio source is connected, the user hears a smooth, continuous volume taper. This is what matters to the user and to the audience.

Source: Craig Small - Bose

Why doesn't this happen on channel 3?
Channel 3 is purely line level, so it has less gain. If you're running aux out, I'd recommend going into ch 3

Source: Craig Small - Bose