Larrivée Serial Numbers

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Larrivée Serial Number - neck block

Larrivée Date of Manufacture Lookup

Larrivée now has an automated system to find the date of manufacture of your Larrivée guitar based on the serial number.

Larrivée Date of Manufacture Lookup

Serial Number Location

Find the serial number on the inside of the guitar on block at the base of the neck.

Typically this will appear as two lines.

  • Model number: The top line (usually one or two characters)
  • Serial number: The second line

Serial Number Information

Year 68 -77 • last two digits of year on label

1977 early years only 4 digits stamped on headblock XXXX

Early 80's thru 90's, two digit Series followed by up to five digit serial number XX XXXX

First generation 02's & 03's are ink stamped four digits on headblock XXXX

Early 2000's two digit series is dropped and only serial number is stamped XXXXX thru XXXXXX

Today its all lazered up Series, Model, and serial number.

Source: JM Larrivée