Limiter with Recorded Music

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You can use the Comp/Gate Limiter to level out the volume levels for the music from a tablet, phone, or other playback device. This can be useful if the music tracks you are playing are a different volume levels (some are much louder than others). The Limiter prevents signals that exceed volume level from reaching the outputs of the mixer. You set the excessive volume level by setting the Threshold.

These are all one-time steps.

  1. Press the CHEDIT button on the channel you want to control
  2. Turn the Rotary Selector to COMP/GATE
  3. Under the display, turn the Type button so you can see the menu
  4. Select Limiter
  5. Set the Thresh to -10.0dB
  6. Leave Gain at 0.0db

If you need more aggressive throttling of loud tracks, set try setting the Thresh to -20.0 dB.