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These Line6 Patches were designed in 2005/6 to work with the Line6 POD XT series.

The first batch of Patches

These were designed by Chuck-at-Bose

You can find all of the pertinent info under the notes section, using the new Line 6 Edit 2.1. You can find info on what type guitar, pickup and Bose output settings. All patches are in .l6t format. As there are more to come overtime an new way of searching will be added or refered to.

Now with the new updates for the complete PODxt Series and the abillity to have them connected to the Bose® PAS system more people will be interested in using Bose and Line 6 gear together.

The second batch of Patches

Line6 patches designed by SteveG-@-Bose and CJ-@-Bose, for the Pod XT series for use with the Bose L1® system. They were originally released at This is a local backup of the files. To download the files right click the link and save.


Here's a note from CJ-@-Bose.

Hello everyone, in the past 3-4 weeks I have been working with SteveG-at-Bose on getting some sounds together for fans of the PodXT to use with the Bose L1® System. Steve and I have managed to work together in creating a total of 18 patches that we were pleased with. We had a total of about 22-23 sounds originally.

However after carefully auditioning these sounds those that were not a 100% to our liking got axed. We used a Fender Stratocaster with two DiMarzio HS-3 and YJM pickups and a Suhr Standard with a Rio Grande BBQ humbucker (bridge) and two DiMarzio Virtual Vintage pickups. The sounds we wrote we only saved if they sounded good on all the pickups. The Rio Grande BBQ humbucker is a fairly strong pickup, but it’s not too “hot”. Its DC resistance reads out at about 11.25KOhms, so it’s a little hotter than a reissue P.A.F. humbucker.

The sounds are a collection of some of our favorite types of tones we’ve heard over the years.

I’d like to thank Kyle and Ken for letting Steve and I make a lot of noise in the Live Music Technology sound lab. It was really fun to hear the L1® and the PodXT work so well together. It was also an “eye-opener” for me as well. Mostly because I am a huge fan of tube amps and have a serious bias against any guitar amp that is not filled with tubes! So, when I started this project I thought we could come up with some “OK” sounds that most people would like.

However, I was surprised when the sounds we were working on didn’t just sound good, they felt good. In my experience getting that tactile, responsive feel from guitar and amp working as one instrument is where the magic is. I think we’ve gotten pretty close with this batch of patches. I won’t say we’ve totally “nailed it” because tone is always an on going quest and it’s subjective. Plus, you can always tweak a tone just a little bit more. However, these tones should, if nothing else, serve as a starting point for you to create your own take on what we have started.

If you use the Line 6 Edit application you can see the descriptions of each tone that Steve G and I came up with. Thanks for reading!


A point which I think will work out well for everybody is that all of the sounds work well for any application, on all pickup selections on the guitar(s)……This gives them somewhat more versatility for a "starting point" (Most people will probably want to tweak at least some aspect of a sound to suit their liking) For example, even a very unique and great sound needs to have some possible offshoots in terms of effects or equalization. So, in short, we tried not to "over-do" or oversaturate any part of the sound. There is much room for the player to alter settings to fit their playing style.


You can find all of the pertinent info under the notes section, using the new Line 6 Edit 2.1. You can find info on what type guitar, pickup and Bose output settings. All patches are in .l6t format. As there are more to come overtime an new way of searching will be added or refered to.

Just as a suggestion, for those of you that upload tones to Line 6's custom tone let the tone name start with PS1 and a space(or not), than the name of the patch, however you want to call it. For general use of finding what tones are specially designed for use with PAS this could help.

Here's an example of the Acoustic patch, it could be uploaded named as [/downloads/Line6/Acoustic.l6t PS1 Acoustic] in for Line 6's custom tone. In this way you could search custom tone and easily find the patches made for Bose® Personalized Amplification System™ family of products.

  • PS1 '70s Rock
  • PS1 '77 JMP w TS9
  • PS1 100lb Lead JB
  • PS1 30 Watt EL 84
  • PS1 EL 34 Standard1
  • PS1 Fender CLSC
  • PS1 Godzilla Crunch
  • PS1 L6 Mr. Clean
  • PS1 LA Studio Rack
  • PS1 MJ Solo Tone
  • PS1 Plexi-Flex
  • PS1 Poly-Stomp
  • PS1 Sampson D-30
  • PS1 Semi-Dist Echo
  • PS1 Single Coil GTR
  • PS1 Slowgear1
  • PS1 Vari-Recto
  • PS1 Vol Swell(long)
  • Click here to download the Bose crafted PODxt bundle patches for use with the PS1 system

    Brian Dotson

    Source Hi Guys, After 2 months on the system, I feel confident enough to offer some patches for consideration. They are up on - thanks to Hans for hosting them. There also a local link at the bottom of this article.

    They are 7 banks of POD XT Live patches built on the backbone of the Plexi Variac, Lux, double verb, and acoustic models. They are organized along the common convention of A = clean/acoustic patches, B = edge patches, C+ crunch patches, and D= solo/special fx patches. The patch names are largely based on descriptions of what is available in the way of effects. The whole set is tied to the Variax (for those of you using them) and utilizes a modded version of Ron Husein's awesome new workbench creativity bundle. Ron is a master at getting great tones in nonlinear ways (check out his LP neck models - it's utilizing a pair of sitar or lipstick tubes!!!) and I've just added some small goodies to the arrangement like a LP killswitch setup in custom bank 2, some bass/guitar combos, and various drop tunings.

    Anyway - there's some interesting patches for some of you in there - "dreamstate" is one of the most fun clean patches I've ever used. The acoustic sims are very realistic IMHO (not biased am I?) and "REZ" is the ultimate in the last note of a great anthem category (analog delay in feedback overdrive - or right there on the dge, set in pre position to increase the drama - with a stereo flanger - swirly ringing out last note joy!!!)

    And did I mention these work very well in STEREO? I am the not-so-official-hanging around-BOSE-guy-who-loves-TWO-L1s!!! I have a Brian May Delay patch that is pretty accurate - Chuck, wanna give it a spin - not exactly BM's tone (again, this Plexi is my tone of choice these days) but the vibe is pretty accurate - tap in a quarter note and get ready for some fun! There's the added fun of the Whammy sim when you hit the stomp - 2 octaves of swooping and shrieking with a ping pong delay! Not for the faint of heart but definitely fun for the musically adventurous soul!

    Just FYI for the community. Oh yeah - and added bonus here - these are Fletcher Munson optimized - meaning they were designed and tested at some serious levels so they hold up pretty well across the sonic spectrum so to speak.

    BOSE studio mode bundle.l6b