Mackie ProFX 12 to L1® Compact

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You will set the volume on the L1® Compact once and from that point on, you'll use the mixer to control everything.


Here's an overview of how you should set up the gain staging on your Mackie ProFX 12 and your L1® Compact.

  • With the L1® Compact on and both inputs all the way down
  • Connect your inputs to the Mackie. Follow the gain staging instructions in the Mackie ProFX 12 manual. See page 11.
  • Run at least one of the inputs as loud as you will use it when performing.
  • Set the MAIN output to Unity
  • Turn up L1® Compact Channel 2 as loud as you can until the light on channel two turns red. Turn it down so that you see flickers of red but it is never solid red. Remember that setting. This is how you will set up the L1® Compact from this point on.
  • Control the volume using the Mackie ProFX 12.

Detailed Connections

  • Pan all your inputs hard LEFT
  • If you have stereo inputs connect them to the LEFT channels as shown below.

    Mackie ProFX12

    Mackie ProFX12 web page

  • Connect the LEFT Output to the L1® Compact channel 2.

    Compact Channel 2 Line Level.png

  • Cable

    ¼ Inch Tip-Ring-Sleeve (balanced) to ¼ Inch Tip-Ring-Sleeve (balanced)

    A balanced connection is preferred and will provide better noise rejection over greater distances than the unbalanced connection.

    Tip-Ring-Sleeve to Tip-Ring-Sleeve

    ¼ Inch Tip-Ring-Sleeve (unbalanced) to ¼ Inch Tip-Sleeve (unbalanced)

    This should work fine but a balanced connection (immediately above) is preferred especially if you will have cable runs in excess of 20 feet (6 meters) or if you hear line noise, hum or hiss.

    Tip-Sleeve to Tip-Sleeve