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Forum Questions that get Answers

What to do with what's in the box

Guidelines for the Bose® Pro Portable PA Community.

Here are a few suggestions to help you get the best answer to your question as quickly as possible:

Search First

It's likely someone has already answered your question. If you find it, you won't have to wait for someone to see your post and reply to get an answer.

Search tools:

Post in the correct forum

Experts in various areas tend to stick to forums that focus on those areas so you are more likely to get an answer if you ask in the right forum.

A question about a Guitar processor in the Vocals area will likely take a lot longer to be answered than the same question in the Guitar forum.

The forum descriptions are good indications of what you will find in each area.

Use the Subject line

Use the Subject line to describe the problem

We are all volunteers on the forum. We often skim through question subjects to quickly find the ones where we can be helpful.

A Subject line: "Urgent! Help needed!"
is not as likely to get answered as
"Wireless mic to Channel 1/2 or 3/4?".

A specific, detailed subject is far more likely to get a response than a general one.

Details Details

Give details about your problem

Instead of
"When I turn on the power I get feedback, please help",
Provide details like the make/model of the microphone, how it is being used (vocal or instrument) and the general environment (for example: room size, stage size, distance from the microphone).

  • If possible, include the make and model and a link to any non-Bose gear that is part of part of your signal chain.
  • If you are connecting something to Channels 1 or 2, please tell us if you are using XLR connections or ¼ inch phone connections. It makes a difference.

The more information you provide when you ask your question, the more likely it is that the first response will be an answer instead of a request for details.

What have you already tried

Tell us what you have already tried and what happened when you did it. Details are the keys to your answer.

When you get a solution

add" - solved" to your Subject line

It lets people scanning the forums know that they can find an answer to that question by reading the thread.

Stay on Topic

IF you are reading a discussion and want to ask a related question, consider posting it as a new question in new discussion.

You will likely get more focus for your question this way, and you will not be distracting from the original discussion.

Resurrect Old Discussions

If you come across an old discussion and want to pursue it, just post another message in the same discussion. If you start a new discussion, you lose the connection to the history and context that the old discussion provides. If you really want to start a new discussion - please post a link to the old one.

General Notes

The people-at-Bose try to keep spam and inflammatory comments out of the forums. However if you do catch something that was missed, use the report button (Life Preserver16x16.gif at the bottom right of every post) to let the moderators know about your concerns. We all want to keep the forums on-topic and a friendly place to go for help with your questions!

If you are not sure if you post is appropriate you can review the official Message Board Terms of Service.

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This was inspired by an article on the Microsoft site.