Microphone Popping

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How do I remove the popping sound when I say "P"s and "B"s into my microphone. Shure SM58
Here are some note from Shure.com
Place the mic at the corner of your mouth and not in the middle of your mouth right under your nose.
Popping cannot be solved electronically. Phantom power has no effect on popping.
Popping is lessened by re-positioning the mic or by using a foam pop screen. As you do not wish to use a foam pop screen, the remaining option is to reposition the mic.
Source: Problem with P-popping
If you find that you have excessive popping for breath blasts, you should try moving the microphone closer, farther away, or placing at the corner of your mouth so it is not in direct line with the breath blasts.
Source: Shure.com
Try this: "Having trouble with popping consonants? Move closer to the microphone. Eliminate plosives by keeping your lips on the windscreen"
Source: Vocal and Guitar Techniques for Live Performance