Midwest L1 Enthusiasts 2007

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The Schlafly Bottleworks

7260 Southwest Ave. (at Manchester)

Maplewood, MO 63143


For those folks coming in a day or more before, there are several hotels from which to choose in the greater St. Louis area, all of which are within an 8 to 10 mile radius of The Schlafly Bottleworks. Between 3 and 4 miles to the northwest of the Bottleworks, there is a nice cluster of properties, representing well-known hotel chains. There are also 2 to 3 a bit closer to the venue, and near Forest Park. It's a pretty nice area, overall. They are easily found using your favorite online geographic locator. Take your pick and enjoy! At least a few of us will be staying at Seven Gables Inn.


Those flying in will no doubt be using St. Louis Lambert International Airport. It is located about 10 miles northwest of the Bottleworks, or 7 miles northwest of the hotels I mentioned above.


JULY 14 - 11 am to 11 pm at The Bottleworks

Impromptu visiting and playing the 13th and/or 15th.

Performers and Attendance List

THE CUBS (Drumr's 60's trio)

Nathan Carls & The upStandard Citizens (The 30's & 40's swing combo lead by BabyBlueEyes - or some derivative thereof)

The Lodge Brothers (Old-tyme, Celtic, Acoustic music trio) (JohnNell's band)

The Houndz (Saxhound's 7 piece horn band - 60's & 70's music)

Bob's unnamed band (4 piece folk, blues, country, rock, and whatever)

BBE + 2

Drumr + 3

JohnNell + 3

Bob in st. louis + 3

Saxhound + 1 (pretty sure)

Hippie Ken + ___

Col. Andy + 1




T - Steve-at-Bose + ___

T - Chuck and Brenda Lawhorn

T - Art Cole + 1

T - Andrew Douglas + ___

Equipment Provided

If you don't see it here, then plan on bringing it with you. And if you are bringing something, then please let me know via a PM or sign in here and add your stuff to the list. Thanks. - BBE

L1 Classics

BBE - 1 L1/B1

Drumr - 3-L1/2-B1 & 2-Packlite/2-B1s.

JohnNell - 1 L1/B1

Bob in STL - 1 L1/B1


BBE - 1 GEM Pro2 piano, (2) Shure beta57a, Audix OM5, Shure SH55 series II mics

Drumr - TrapKAT drumset w/Roland TD-12, Audix D6 & OM5 mics

JohnNell - (2) AKG C1000S, (4) SM58, (2) SM57 mics & 6 stands, + upright Kay Bass

Saxhound - an assortment of mics (Beta 57 & 58, EV ND 767a, Sennheiser 421, AMT Roam Elite)


(Order to be announced and subject to change without notice)

Presentations by "at-Bose" including, but not limited to:

1. Introduction to the L1 Model II and T1 Tonematch Audio Engine

2. T1 integration and use with the L1 Classic

3. The Mysteries (and subjectivity) of Bass Response

Short concert performances given by attendees

Jam session(s)

Door prizes

Good food and fellowship

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