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To use a Yamaha MG124 CX Mixer with the L1 Model II


On the mixer

  • Pan all the inputs hard LEFT
  • Run a line out of the LEFT output to the Model II Power Stand Analog input (cable details below)

YamahaMG124 to Model II Power Stand Analog Input.png

Settings on the L1® Input Panel

Start off with the Input Trim at 3 and adjust if necessary so that the Signal/Clip light stays green most of the time. Occasional flickers of yellow are okay. If it is flickering or solid red, turn down the Input Trim.


Cable Details

¼ inch jack inch to ¼ inch

This mixer has ¼ inch jack balanced outputs. Any of the cables shown below should work.

¼ Inch Tip-Ring-Sleeve (balanced) to ¼ Inch Tip-Ring-Sleeve (balanced)

The output of this mixer is balanced, and the input on the Model II Power Stand is also balanced, so this is the preferred method.

Tip-Ring-Sleeve to Tip-Ring-Sleeve

¼ Inch Tip-Sleeve (unbalanced) to ¼ Inch Tip-Sleeve (unbalanced)

Tip-Sleeve to Tip-Sleeve

¼ Inch Tip-Ring-Sleeve (balanced) to ¼ Inch Tip-Sleeve (unbalanced)

Tip-Ring-Sleeve to Tip-Sleeve


YamahaMG124 Output.png