Model II Input Output Panel

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  1. Power/Fault LED - Indicates power status.
    Blue = system on
    Red = system fault

  2. Power switch - Switches the system on and off.

  3. Bass Module Out - Bass output signal for driving one or two B1 bass modules or one B2 bass module.

  4. Trim - Adjusts the level of the analog input signal.

  5. ToneMatch®  port - Digital audio and power connection for the optional T1 ToneMatch audio engine.

  6. Signal/Clip LED - Indicates status of the analog input signal.
    Green = normal input
    Yellow = input approaching clipping
    Red = input clipping

  7. Analog Input - A line-level analog input. Accepts a ¼" TRS phone cable. Used for an instrument or other audio source.

  8. Bass - Line Out- Post-DSP bass signal output. Accepts a ¼" TRS phone cable. Used to drive a PackLite® power amplifier.

  9. AC Mains - AC power input connector.