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Connections at the PS1 Power Stand (Classic) / Model I

Serial Effects - Excerpt from the PS1 Power Stand (Classic) / Model I Manual


Insert Cable

Typical Insert Cable Hosa STP204

Hosa STP204 Insert Cable

A common problem is with the way some Insert Cables are labelled. This is how the connections are run at the Insert Point of the PS1 Powerstand.


and this is connected to one of the PS1 Powerstand Insert Points

Channel 1 and Channel 2 Insert Points (blue)

Summary of Lines Out from the Power Stand

PS1 Connections Lines Out

Line Out (XLR balanced) for Channels 1 and 2

  • post trim (+4 dBu nominal)

Insert Send

  • post trim,
  • post channel volume


  • Post trim
    • Input Trim
    • R1 Remote Channel volume
    • Insert returns
  • Pre
    • Preset
    • Tone controls
    • R1 Remote Master volume.
  • SPDIF is channels 1 & 2 only.

The Data OUT is a SPDIF output with a sampling rate of 48KHz.

Set your recording software as below if given the options

  • 24 Bit
  • 48 KHz
  • S/PDIF (RCA)

See: Recording Through the PS1 — Message Board Discussion.