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Brian Terry provided this information about his settings with his Pedal Steel Guitar and his L1 Model II and T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine.

Hi guys, I did purchase L1® Model II with T1 ToneMatch® Audio Engine and I'm very impressed and as promised here are my settings I'm currently experimenting with, But PLEASE NOTE that I'm using a Peavey Profex 11 with Newmans, Larry Sasser Settings and Mullen S10 Royal Precision pedal Steel with Goodrich vol pedal So here goes

  • Preset Rickenbaker 4001 bass
  • ZEQ low 5.8 Mid 3.8 High 10.4
  • Para EQ level 1.8 Freq 1.65 width2.07
  • Comp Gate thresh .76 Speed 50%
  • Delay Digital Mix 19% Time 57 ms
  • Reverb Mix 19% Bright 91%
  • Reverb Type Medium Room Time 1.7 Bal 50%

Regards Brian Terry

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Notes from Len Imbery

I've run across a couple of people's Presets for using a pedal steel guitar with a Bose L1 II (w 2 B1s). I've sort of played with the settings I've found and averaged them out and tweaked a bit and find that the following settings are at least a good starting point if you want to customize (or just leave it as that's what I happen to like.

  • Preset Rickenbacker Bass 4001
  • ZEQ low 10.4 mid 2.6 high 3.8
  • Para eq level 5.4 freq 1609 width 1.14
  • Compression 1 thresh -18.5 gain 13.8
  • Modulation chorus 2 mix 37% depth 48
  • Delay type digital mix 18% time 319.2ms
  • Reverb mix 41% bright 50%
  • Rev type medium time 1.70 balance 50%

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