Presets 3.0 Upgrade Instructions / Burning the CD

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Classic This information is applicable to the L1® Classic
L1 Model I This information is applicable to the L1 Model I

These are some notes lightly adapted from the last time we had an update via CD. That was for the Presets 2.0 update.

The procedure is basically the same, although simpler because we have only one file to transfer from the download file to the CD to the Power Stand.

So assuming that you have followed the Presets 3.0 Upgrade Instructions and have downloaded the files and the documentation, you also need some software to burn the file to an audio track on a CD. People have reported that Nero or Windows Media Player are suitable for this.

From the Instructions included in the download;

Using a CD-writing application installed on your CD-writing capable personal computer, burn the wav audio file onto a CD-R disc. If given the options, burn with the Finalize (or Disc-at-Once) option enabled. Turn off any normalize function that the software may offer.

From Discussions on the Bose® Pro Portable PA Community

General Tips

from Kyle-at-Bose

Some random things to consider when upgrading your system by the download-burn CD method.

  • Burn the downloaded file as a "audio" CD, not a "data" CD
  • Make sure that your burn software has all processing disabled. Some software applies normalization. Check the options to make sure that this is OFF.
  • When you burn the CD, I actually prefer to burn 3 tracks of the same file in a row. So, in other words, tracks 1, 2, and 3 would be the same file.
  • On your DVD player you MUST TURN OFF ALL DSP PROCESSING like dynamic range compression, 3D effects, speaker size selection
  • If you are using a portable DVD player with a volume control, make sure that the volume control is at MAX.
  • On your DVD player, try BITSTREAM MODE first. If that doesn't work, we've seen PCM MODE work also.
  • When flashing the PS1 using the DVD player, it's sometimes good to start with the DVD player at STOP. Turn the PS1 off, then back on. Next, press play on the DVD player to start the upgrade process. Be patient, it sometimes takes 10 seconds or so to start the blinking.

Original Discussion

Windows Media Player

from acapella

Windows Media Player 10 DOES WORK. You just have to turn off compression/normalization, which defaults to On.

Instructions if you have Windows XP and Windows Media Player 10.

  1. Open the folder containing the un-zipped WAV files, right-click on the L1_model_1_Presets_3.0_Patch.wav, and choose "Add to Burn List"
  2. Windows Media Player should appear. Select the "Burn" tab, and make sure only the one WAV file is listed on the left.
  3. VERY IMPORTANT: Click on the little red check-mark near the upper-right corner of the Media Player window (just above the CD drive selection box). Click on the "Quality" tab, and un-check the box labelled "Apply volume leveling to music when it is burned." Click OK.
  4. Insert a blank CD, and click the "Start Burn" button in Windows Media Player. Your update CD should be ready in a few seconds.

Original Discussion


from Kyle-at-Bose

Nero should work just fine. It's my burn-application of choice. Make sure that you burn as an AUDIO CD not as a DATA CD. That may have been the problem. Simply select AUDIO CD and drag and drop into Nero. (This is for other owners with similar questions). It sounds like Windows Media Player worked fine for you though.

Quoting Dewey (Kyle was responding to this above)

Downloaded the updates, burned to CD using Nero which is my standard drag and drop. CD's would not work. Finally used Windows Media Player (Version 10) burned new CD's and everything worked fine. Apparently Nero wouldn't or didn't convert the .wav files to MP3.

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