Recording USB Dry

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You can use your T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine as a the USB soundcard with your computer and record. Here is a quick look at how to send a DRY (without any effects) signal to the computer while retaining any settings you prefer to hear for monitoring or performance.

To record direct from the T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine to a computer through the USB port without any effects you can use the T1 ToneMatch® Audio Engine Aux.

Here is an example.

If your source (microphone or instrument) is connected to T1 Channel 1

  • Channel 1 - Press CHEdit
  • Turn the Rotary Selector to Aux
  • Set Aux settings as shown here.


Set the USB to PC settings to send Aux

  • Turn the Rotary Selector to Prefs
  • Set the USB to PC settings as shown below


For more details on these settings see: USB