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  • Create a new empty article for your review
  • The name of your review should follow this convention:
    Manufacturer Model TypeOfProduct Review
    for example:
    EV RE-2 Wireless Microphone Review
  • Copy / Paste this template into a new article for your review. Modify the text to suit the gear you are reviewing.


From time to time various products, are reviewed by various individuals, including Bose and L1 Forum members.

It has been deemed helpful, to standardize on a Template structure, to assist in guiding the criteria for a complete and informative review.

This is a start of such a template and other contributers ideas, suggestions, formatting and improvements are openly solicited. As any work in progress, we shall go for a starting point.

Review or Comparison of multiple products

  • Review of one product
  • Review and comparison of several products

Identify the product - Make, Model, List Price, Typical Street Price


List the features or highlights of the product.

Setup Instructions

Here we identify how it was connected and any specific setup instructions to accomplish that misson.

Interaction with the L1

Please tell us the model of L1 you have and any other Bose components you are using. Examples

Did we have to do anything specific to make it work or interface with the L1, T1, B1?


Used in the following applications, your results should .....

How Testing was done

A disclaimer, this was done in informal... Physical surroundings: the room was....

General Comment

This is a significant ...............

What do I like about the product

I love this item because.... It makes my sound soo ....

What I do not like about the product

It has too much etc, etc, etc. I did not care for the ....

Quality Rating

It is built like a ....

Review Summary

I've tried many of these, but this one...

Review Date