Rubber Feet for L1®

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L1 Model II This information is applicable to the L1®  Model II
L1 Model 1S This information is applicable to the L1®  Model 1S

Rubber feet for L1®

Mark (Le5) on the Bose® Pro Portable PA Community provided this helpful research about replacement rubber feet for the L1 s.

I removed a nearly new foot from a Model II. The measurements are as follows:
Diameter 1-3/16" X height 3/8" (30mm X 9.6mm)
The maximum height of 3/8" (9.6mm) for the feet is important for stability; it is not recommended to use thicker feet because the ends of the fold out legs would be raised off of the floor

The recesses where the feet are installed will not accept a larger diameter than the original feet but 1" (25.4mm) should work fine.
I did a bit of research for you for some possible replacement feet: This type of feet are commonly used under guitar amp cabinets, it's a matter of finding some of the correct height and of a diameter that will fit. These need to have a steel washer for the mounting screw.
This should help you find suitable replacement feet.

Source: Le5 Rubber Feet for L1®