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The S1 Pro System channel 3 volume control behaves differently than the volume controls on channels 1 and 2.

Slow to Respond

If you find the volume control seems slow to respond (especially between 7-11 o'clock) please turn up the volume at the source (Bluetooth or physical connection).

For Bluetooth connections, if you set the volume on the source device to maximum, this will give you the greatest usable range on the S1 Pro Aux Channel volume control.

S1 Pro Channel 3

Steps in Volume

The S1 Pro has a digital gain knob on channel 3 which is divided into incremental steps. When you slowly turn the volume knob up with a strong input signal present, you may hear steps in loudness.

We are aware of this behavior and it is not a symptom of a fault or malfunction.

Volume Cut Off

This affects the sound connected to the Aux input and Bluetooth streaming.

S1 Pro Channel 3 Volume.jpg

The sound stops at about 8:00 o'clock although it appears that should happen at 7:00 o'clock on the dial. The transition to silence

  • will be smoother when the source signal is low
  • will be more abrupt when the source signal is high

This is normal for this control.

The control is digital (functioning in steps). With a low signal source, the change you hear for each step will be small. With a high signal source, the change you hear for each step will be larger.