S1 Pro Excessive Bass with Bluetooth

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When using the S1 Pro to play audio over Bluetooth some music selections produce excessive bass.


Music selections for Spotify, iTunes, other streaming services.


  1. Turn down the volume on the S1 Pro System Channel 3
  2. Connect the sound source to S1 Pro System Channels 1 and 2 and adjust the tone controls
  3. Use EQ options within the music player app or the source device to reduce bass.
  4. If the S1 Pro is mounted on a speaker stand, try placing it on a tabletop or the floor


The spectral balance of the S1 Pro System is engineered to produce excellent sound for live and prerecorded music. Some music with an emphasis in the low frequencies produce more bass output than the S1 Pro System and reproduce at higher volume. Overall, customers have been happy with the overall performance of the S1 Pro System. We have explored changing this to accommodate bass-heavy music and have found that reducing the bass compromises the overall sound quality.