S1 Pro With Mac Mini

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Can I use the Bose Connect App with a Mac mini

The Bose Connect App is only supported on iOS and Android (not macOS). You won't be able to install it on your Mac Mini.

You CAN play Bluetooth audio from your Mac mini through your S1 Pro.

The Mac mini runs macOS and has Bluetooth capability. You should be able to put the Mac Mini in Bluetooth pairing mode and connect to the S1 Pro.

Pairing a Bluetooth® device

Applies to:

Note: The AUX jack and Bluetooth cannot be used simultaneously. When the AUX jack is connected, Bluetooth is disabled.

To connect a Bluetooth device:

Press and hold the Bluetooth button for about 3 seconds until the Bluetooth indicator begins flashing white. The Bluetooth button is located in the Input 3 section on the system's control panel

On the device to be paired, turn on Bluetooth. This is typically found in the device's settings menu under "Bluetooth"

In the device's Bluetooth settings, select the option to add or search for available devices

From the list of available devices that appears, select the Bose system

If the device requests a password/PIN, enter "0000"