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MM 445 MD 445 Wireless with L1 Pro32

The Sennheiser MD 445 is my new favourite microphone for noisy stages where I need to cut through the mix and get maximum gain before feedback. This has not displaced the Neumann KMS 105 which is still my go to microphone for solo shows or quiet concerts. But when I need to be heard in a loud band setting, the MD 445 stands out.

I'm using the Sennheiser MM 445 Wireless Capsule with Sennheiser Evolution Wireless Digital EW-D system and it's indistinguishable from the wired MD 445.

As you should expect from a super cardioid microphone, you want to sing directly into it. And when you do, you are well rewarded. It has a lift in the upper midrange and details in the highs that comes close to sounding like a good condenser microphone. This also helps me to project, compete, and be heard in a busy stage mix.

See how it compares with other dynamic microphones in my microphone shootout.

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Sennheiser MD 445

link= Sennheiser
Web page Sennheiser MD 445
Type Dynamic
Polar Pattern high-rejection Supercardioid
Specifications Sennheiser MD 445 Specifications
Instruction Manual
Quick Guide Sennheiser MD 445 Quick Guide
ToneMatch Preset Vocal Microphones / Flat, Vocal zEQ OR
Vocal Microphones / Sennheiser e 855
Vocal Microphones / Sennheiser MD 431-II
Introduced 2020 ($619 USD)
Press Release Sennheiser MD 445 Press Release
Special Features Wireless Capsule Sennheiser MM 445

Evolution Wireless Digital system


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