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Antenna Questions



Q The antennas are on the back
Doesn't this reduce effectiveness when a receiver or transmitter is mounted in a rack with other equipment?
A It’s a consideration between the use of 1-2 units vs. a multichannel setup.
Front antennas would be nice to have if you drive just one or two units. If you use more transmitters and make use of a combiner, it is more useful to have the cabling in the back.
A It's best to have a clear line-of-sight between transmitter and receiver antennas.
If you prefer to mount your transmitter or receiver in a rack unit, consider
A For multiple units consider
A Antenna options

LED on Receiver Body Pack

Q Does the LED flickering orange indicate clipping? If so, why doesn't this correspond with the display on the transmitter?
A The clip indication on the receiver is a little bit earlier than on the transmitter.
Therefore you see it already kind of orange on the receiver as it stays “clean” on the transmitter. Especially on such short signals as a click you will notice that. But it’s nothing to worry about.


Q The specifications mention a -10 dB limiter. When I engage the limiter - I don't hear any difference. How is the limiter supposed to work?
A The development goal was, that you can’t hear it…

The Limiter is adaptive. It’s limiting to a Maximum output of approx. 450mV @16Ohms at the Headphone Amp. However, it is affected by the individual Impedance of the headphones used and the efficiency of the headphones drivers.

Interesting to note: The impedance of the IE 4, IE 400 PRO, IE 500 PRO, are all 16 ohms