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What happens when I send an L1® in for service (repair)?

When service is required we perform standard diagnostic and maintenance procedures on each repaired product. The original problem is taken into consideration, but all parts and subsystems are checked and replaced as necessary. This systematic approach makes it possible for us to charge a flat rate for each repair, and to offer a one-year limited warranty on the entire repaired product. That warranty period begins on the date of repair. We do not provide an itemized list of parts replaced, or any other information on a specific repair, as each product is essentially remanufactured.

Work performed on products (depending on model and series) includes some or all of the following:

  1. All components are checked and upgraded to the most recent version (where applicable). Software is checked and upgraded to the latest version
  2. Factory settings and levels are checked and adjusted to meet original engineering specifications. PCB boards are checked for component and solder integrity
  3. Preventive maintenance is performed, and the product is cleaned and inspected for cosmetic integrity.

So although I am unable to directly answer “what was fixed” I hope this gives you a better understanding of our repair process and warranty.

Thank you, Neil-at-Bose [1]

  1. Neil-at-Bose replied to this question in this [1]Ask Bose for Help discussion