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Soloist with a Guest

You are a solo artist singing and playing Guitar through your L1 Model I or L1 Classic. What do you do when you have an occasional guest. This model of the L1™ has two combination microphone/line inputs with Presets so how do you add more inputs for the guest. Here are some ideas on how you can use a mixer.

Solo Setup

This is about as simple as it gets. You are running your vocal microphone into Channel 1 and your Guitar with a pickup to Channel 2. You are using appropriate Presets or each one.


Add a Mixer for the Guest

If you want to keep your original setup and just add a mixer and have your guest connect directly to it. Then run the mixer output to the Power Stand Channel 3 or 4. You will probably want to pan the mixer inputs hard to one side (for example: Left) and take the output from the same side (again: the Left output) and connect that to the Power Stand.



  • You don't have to change the way *you* do things to accommodate your guest.
  • The guest has complete control over his/her sound (except that you retain control over the Master Level)


The guest cannot use the Presets in the Power Stand. To share the benefit of the Presets with the guest see Mixer to Share Presets