T1® Microphone Stand Bracket Tips

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T1 This information is applicable to the T1 ToneMatch® audio engine

Here's how I have one of my microphone stands setup. The T1® Microphone Stand Bracket is attached and I never remove it.

All the cables are also strapped to the microphone stand. I leave the cables attached all the time. This saves a great deal of time during setup and teardown.

T1 on Mic Stand Adapter 2.jpg

I used a white background so that you could see the wires. Normally they don't stand out like this visually. Notice that even if the T1® were to get knocked off the bracket the cables are acting as safety tethers.

View from the Back

T1 on Mic Stand Adapter Back.jpg

Ready to Pack Up

You can see that the cables are strapped to the microphone stand.

T1 Mic Stand Adapter Ready to Pack.jpg

Packed, ready to zip up

T1 Mic Stand Adapter Packed.jpg

The black bag is one of the original Cylindrical Radiator® bags that came with my L1®. Years ago I got some heavy duty bags for the Cylindrical Radiator® and it turns out that the stock bags work great for holding microphone and light stands.

Remember to pack the Bracket (arm) in the T1® Lid.

T1 Mic Stand Adapter Arm.jpg