T1® Scenes Housekeeping

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The spreadsheet discussed in this article - t1scenes.xls

T1 Scenes Housekeeping

Scenes Overview

One of the great features of the T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine is the ability to save up to 10 sets of parameters used in tweaking the sound output. This is the Scenes facility which is described in the T1 ToneMatch® Audio Engine Owner's Guide (62 pages).

The Problem

It's easy to make adjustments to paramaters such as zEQ, Parametric EQ, Compression, Reverb etc for the individual channels and then save each complete set as a different scene (eg different scenes for different regular venues, or different scenes for different performer setups... solo, duo, band, etc).

What's not so easy is keeping track of which settings/parameters have been used for the individual scenes.

A Possible Solution

Some people have suggested that a scene editor software application would be a useful tool.

In the meantime we have created an Excel spreadsheet with 11 separate tabs/worksheets - one page for each scene, and an overall summary page which is automatically populated as details are recorded on the individual scene pages.

The spreadsheet can be downloaded here - t1scenes.xls. This is the starter version for you to save on your PC and add your own scene details. It's very simple and almost self explanatory but, if instructions are deemed necessary they will be provided here.

A worked example containing our own scenes can be found here t1scenes-jivauk.xls.

--Jivauk 19:23, 15 October 2008 (EDT)