T1® and Model II Design Team

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In 23 years at Bose, the L1 Model II and T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine are the most lovingly designed products I have ever had the fortune to work on. More care by more experienced people went into this than anything I've been involved in.

The most minute details were studiously created. As one tiny but important example, a propriety light pipe was designed so that the light from volume knob indicators smoothly wrapped around the knob from top to side, giving the musician a clear indication of volume from any angle. The color and intensity of the light was carefully designed so that it was visible in an extraordinarily wide range of stage lighting conditions.

Here is a picture of some members of the design team when we reached the point in May of 2006 of having the proprietary folding mechanism for the Model II power stand and industrial design for the new Articulated Array speaker finally finished.


T1® and Model II Design Team