T1 ToneMatch® Audio Engine / Aux to a Separate System

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T1™ Aux

Using Aux to send a signal exclusively to a second System

Using a T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine with two L1 s, you may want to send an input to one System, but not the other.

In this example, we are taking an input in Channel 3, and sending it to Aux, and not to Main.

  1. Set the Selector to Aux
  2. Press CH Edit for Channel 3
  3. Press button 1 to enable Aux
  4. Press button 2 to see the Tap menu
  5. Turn the Tap setting to Pre: With EQ & FX. Press the button to Select.
  6. Set the Channel Volume to 0 (zero).
    I set the Volume to 0 to avoid unwanted consequences of accidentally hitting Mute. Just to be safe, I also Mute the channel.
  7. Adjust Aux Volume if necessary.
    You will probably end up at or near 100%