T1 ToneMatch® Audio Engine / Gain Staging a Microphone

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Here's a quick video to help you to set the input trim for a microphone on the T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine. This is called Gain Staging.

The trim controls across the top will be different
The trim controls across the top of your T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine will likely be different. This is because the output levels of your input sources will likely be different. This is normal.
Mixing - Use the volume controls not the trim controls
Once you have set the input trim, you should not have to change it until you change the input source (e.g. different microphone, singer, or instrument). Do not use the trim control to change the channel volume. Use the channel volume control.
Saved Scenes do not capture the trim, channel volume, or Master Volume settings.

The same principles apply for an instrument or line level input. Set the source to the highest level that you will need during the show, and then set the input trim so that you get solid green, occasional yellow flickers, and never see red.

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