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Q: How do I use external effects with the T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine. Is there an effects loop?

A: There is no effects loop in the T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine as there was with the L1 Classic and L1 Model I, so there isn't a really simple way to interrupt the signal path and route it through an external effects unit. However, there is a way to have your external effects unit run in parallel and/or serial if you have an unused T1® Channel. You also have the option to use the Aux output. Between those to options you can do some creative things with your signal path.

For ideas about routing effects within the T1® see: T1 ToneMatch® Audio Engine / Routing for Effects

Parallel Effects Path

  1. From your main input (for example, a microphone into Channel 1) take the Preamp Out to your external effects unit.
  2. From the external effects unit, take the the return (the output from the effects unit) and use that as the input to an unused T1® Channel (for example, Channel 4/5).

You can work out the mix and the balance of the effects with Channel 1 and Channel 4/5 volume controls. You can also add effects in either Channel. The effects will run in parallel because the Preamp Outs are post-trim only.

In this example, turning up Channel 1 Vol will increase the dry signal. That is, the signal that is not affected by your external effects unit. You can use the T1® internal effects though, and those will be heard in parallel to the external effects unit.

Serial Effects Path

External Effects First, Then T1® Effects

If you route your signal as described above for Parallel, you can still add T1® Effects (and Preset processing) to the signal coming back from the external effects unit.

That is:

  1. Run Channel 1 Preamp Out to effects unit
  2. Effects unit to Channel 4/5
  3. Channel 4/5 - add any effects you want.

Use Channel 1 Volume to add more/less of the original dry signal and add T1® Effects here too if you want. This will again be ... in Parallel.

T1® Effects First, Then External

Assuming once again that your primary signal is into T1® Channel 1, you can route that to Aux. You have the choice of doing that as Preamp Out, Pre Effects and Volume or Post Effects and Volume. If you use the last one, then you can run the T1® Effects AND your external effects in series.

That is: You take the Aux output to your external effects unit, and the return (effects unit output) back to an unused T1® Channel (e.g. 4/5)

Note: You cannot send Reverb through the Aux Output - see: T1 ToneMatch® Audio Engine / Aux for details.

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