T1 ToneMatch® Audio Engine / Mono Output to Two L1®s

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This article will primarily be of interest to DJs. It is NOT recommended that you do this for typical live music applications. For reasons why see Dual Mono.

NOTE: If you run two L1®s in Dual Mono mode, the L1®s should be at least 20-50 feet apart.

You can route a signal through a single T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine out to two L1 s.

One L1® Model II and any other kind of L1®

If one of the L1®s is L1 Model II then this is very simple. Run the ToneMatch® Cable to the Model II, and use a ¼ inch jack cable from the Analog Master output to the other L1®. The rest of this article is not applicable for you.

=== Two L1®s L1 Classic or L1 Model I If you do not have a L1 Model II then you use

  • a ¼ inch jack cable from the Analog Master Output to one L1®, and
  • a ¼ inch jack cable from the Analog Aux Output to the other L1®

Sending a Channel Output to Aux

You MUST set up up the Aux output for each Channel that you want to send to both L1®s.

Turn the Rotary Selector to Aux


Press Tap to set the tap point


Set the Tap to Post: After Fader


Turn the Level to 100% to start. You will adjust this later.


Now you can use the Aux Level (shown as 100%) to balance the output between the Aux output and Master Output