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Here's how you can route a instrument, for example a guitar, through multiple effects. This lets you set the order of the effects and turn the effects on and off with the FX Mute button.

In the picture below I have:

  1. The guitar going into Channel 1 input.
  2. The Channel 1 PreAmp out is going to Channel 2 Input.
  3. The Channel 2 PreAmp out is going to Channel 3 Input.
  4. The Channel 3 PreAmp out is going to Channel 4 Input.
  5. The T1® Master Output going to the guitar amp (red connector).

WP_20161228_10_47_13_Pro (2)

Another view of the connections.

WP_20161228_10_47_52_Pro (2)

When you've got this all wired up, set up the individual channel trims so that when you hit the guitar hard, you have a good solid green signal, but no red.

Now we can add effects to each channel.

I'm showing you the Prefs, Status screen. I've set up a separate effect (only one) on each channel.

  1. Channel 1 - some light compression
  2. Channel 2 - Chorus
  3. Channel 3 - Delay
  4. Channel 4 - Reverb

WP_20161228_11_42_07_Pro (3)

You can use different effects and put them in a different order if you like. I don't have specific recommendations about that.

Set the rotary selector to zEQ so that you always have access to the tone controls, and this will also allow you to turn the effects on or off individually by using the FX Mute buttons.

It's not as convenient as having a multi-effects foot switch, but you should still have lots of fun getting to know the effects.

If this is useful for you, be sure to save it as a Scene.

PS - here's a video about T1 ToneMatch® audio engine Scenes