T1 ToneMatch® Audio Engine / Single Input to Two Channels

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If you are not using all the Channels on your T1 ToneMatch® Audio Engine you can send a single input to more than one Channel. In the picture below I have my

  • Vocal microphone going to Channel 1 and then Channel 3.
  • Guitar going to Channel 2 and then Channel 4


Let's follow the signal paths (from right to left in the picture).

Blue: Microphone into Channel 1. The Preamp Out of Channel 1 then goes to Channel 3.

Yellow: Guitar into Channel 2. The Preamp Out of Channel 2 then goes to Channel 4.

I also run a my PorchBoard Bass into Channel 5. There is no conflict because the PorchBoard's fundamental frequency is 30 Hz. That is so low that there isn't much I can do with the Presets or EQ for the Guitar that affects it.

Here is a picture of one of the cables under the blue and yellow lines in the picture above.


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