T1 ToneMatch® Audio Engine to Model II and Compact

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T1 This information is applicable to the T1 ToneMatch® audio engine
L1 Model 1S This information is applicable to the L1®  Model 1S
L1 Model II This information is applicable to the L1®  Model II
L1 Compact
Please note: Bose recommends that if you have two full sized L1® systems using the same source, that you place those systems at least 20 feet apart (6 meters). This is to avoid Multiple Source Interference.

Running a Model II system and L1 Compact with the same source (Dual Mono) is not recommended unless the L1®s are at least 20 feet apart. Also, when using a full sized L1® and a Compact, if the Compact is really close to the full sized system, you may not notice much of the sound of the Compact.


System 1

Connect the first system with the ToneMatch cable that came with the T1®.

  • T1® ToneMatch port to the Model II Power Stand ToneMatch port.

Connect the Compact with a ¼ inch jack Tip-Ring-Sleeve cable

  • T1® Master Output to the L1 Compact Channel 2 input.
    Compact Channel 2 Line Level2.png
    • Set the Channel 2 volume "5" and adjust as necessary to get a good balance with the other system.
    • If you are seeing red on the Channel 2 LED light, turn down the volume on the Compact.
    • If you not are using Compact Channel 1, turn the Channel 1 volume all the way off.
    • For best results use a Tip-Ring-Sleeve (balanced) connection.
      You can use a Tip-Sleeve (unbalanced connection) but the Tip-Ring-Sleeve (balanced connection is preferred).