T4S/T8S Tuner

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If you are experiencing difficulties with the tuner, here are some points to check.

  1. CRITICAL. Make sure the CH Edit button is pressed on the Channel of the instrument you are trying to tune.

  2. Make sure your instrument is gain staged correctly.
    The tuner needs a good strong signal (at least solid green) to lock on to.

In all of our testing and experience here we have found the tuner to be as accurate and reliable as other high-quality stage tuners. The ToneMatch tuner is fairly 'fast' in terms of tracking speed. For example, typically, Boss tuners have more 'averaging' and slower tracking speed. The needle moves up to the note you are tuning slower, but is more stable once you get up there. Another example - Peterson tuners generally track faster. They go up very fast to the note, and move around more once you get up there - this is because the instrument is actually slightly varying pitch. The tuner is tracking this behavior correctly. Both Peterson and Boss make awesome, super accurate tuners, it's just like the difference between a Strat and a Les Paul...or a Porshe and a Benz

Some customers have observed some rapid movement back and forth of the tuner indicator. Here are some notes:

  • The amount of movement varies from guitar to guitar
    • The display is more stable with electric guitars than the acoustic guitars
  • On acoustic guitars, muting the other strings (not the one being tuned) makes the display more stable. If the other strings are open and resonating, this seems to cause the indicator to move around more.
  • If the indicator is jumping around, you can make it more stable by turning down the volume on the guitar
    • With the T1, when people had trouble with the tuner it was often because the signal hitting the tuner wasn't strong enough to be detected properly
    • With the T4S/T8S the tuner is sensitive and the display seems faster than the T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine. By turning down the volume a bit, the tuner detects more of the fundamental note and fewer overtones and the other strings.
  • Try tuning it twelfth-fret harmonics.