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This is a draft https://www.facebook.com/groups/BoseL1/permalink/10157305567137446/?comment_id=10157310657652446&comment_tracking=%7B%22tn%22%3A%22R%22%7D

Alright folks...definitive answers based on a fella named Gordon’s Insight at Bose. I won’t waste your time with our entire conversation, just to the point.

Essentially because there is no solo or PFL feature on the T series mixers, the only way to live-monitor the feedback is via an aux send. The method we came up with was this...

Send the signal from the offending channel to an aux send(we will use aux1). Input the aux1 to a different channel of the board. Apply an echo with many repeats. This channel’s volume will be set to zero, so as not to echo the feedback through the mains.

When feedback is experienced you can use an additional aux send(2) to monitor(IEM or phones) just the echo(dry after preamp) of the feedback. Using the onboard tuner, you can then get a repeated visual indication of the offending frequency and use the parametric EQ to cut the frequency(the echoes of the feedback don’t go to the audience, but rather to the monitored channel). This allows us to mute the offending channel, while buying a few seconds of feedback to find the frequency on the tuner.

Note* properly gain staging the incoming aux1 signal to channel 2 is essential to avoid damaging the product. I personally would recommend no more than 30% on the aux1 send, however this will vary based on your individual equipment.

Hope that made sense. Probably more complex than it is worth, but I was promised answers and this is the best they got. I will probably never use this method, but it’s nice to have a comprehensive understanding of the product.

Good job Bose, they even called back 3 times, as I missed the first 2 calls during performances.