T8S Mono Output

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Mono Output

On the back of ToneMatch Mixer[1]s, there is an indication below the Right output (MONO).

Please note
There is no hardwired summed mono output on the ToneMatch mixers. Any input signal that is panned hard Left will not be heard through the Right output. To get a mono output please see below.

General Information

As you move the pan control away from the center, the sound level increases slightly in one direction and decreases in the other. If you pan inputs hard to one side (e.g., Right) and the Right output will be slightly louder (theoretically, up to +3 dB louder) than if you had panned the inputs up the middle. And panned hard Right - there will be no signal at the Left Output.

T8S ToneMatch® mixer

  • Pan all inputs hard RIGHT
  • Use the ¼ inch (6mm) Right Output to a powered loudspeaker (e.g. S1 Pro, L1® Compact, F1 Model 812). For best results use a ¼ inch (6mm) jack Tip-Ring-Sleeve cable


  • Use the XLR Right Output to powered a loudspeaker (e.g. S1 Pro, F1 Model 812). or L1® Compact with XLR to ¼ inch (6mm) jack Tip-Ring-Sleeve.
Anything panned hard LEFT will not be heard at the RIGHT Output.

Mono using Aux Output

You can create a summed mono output by directing your input channels (1-8) to an Aux Output. See Aux Outputs for details.