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Why is there no Reverb on the Aux 2, 3, 4 output of the T8S?

The T8S mixer has lots of different effects units and normally they are unique to each channel. That means that the T8S mixer has 4 individual dynamic processors, 4 modulators (chorus flanger, phaser, tremolo), 4 EQs, 4 parametric EQs, 4 delay processors. The only exception is the reverb, which is shared by all channels.

The output of the shared reverb processor contains the reverb portions of all 8 channels. If we send that to an Aux output, you'd hear the reverb portions of all 8 channels and not only the channel that you are interested in. In most cases, this is probably not what you want. That is why we cannot use the main reverb processor for the Aux Outputs.

Aux is also a per-channel control. That means if you turn up Aux 1 send the of a channel, you expect to hear signals from channel 1 and only from channel 1. This thinking applies to each of the channels and aux sends.

We have a separate reverb processor for Aux 1. If you use it, you hear reverb in Aux 1, and only Aux 1.

If we shared Aux 1 reverb with the other Aux channels, you would hear the reverb from all the Aux channels in every Aux output. That is why there is no reverb on Aux 2, 3, 4 output of the T8S


Try using Digital Delay instead of Reverb for your vocals.

Digital Delay

Time: 100 ms

Mix: 15% - vary up to 30%

Fdbk: 0% - vary up to 10%

You should have better intelligibility and move the vocals out in front of the backing tracks.

Unlike Reverb, Digital Delay processing can be routed to ToneMatch Mixer[1] Aux outputs.