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Bose T1 ToneMatch® Audio Engine

TC Helicon Play Acoustics IO.png

The TC-Helicon Play Acoustic has two outputs available but you can choose the LEFT output and run MONO on the Play Acoustic so you can make the connection with one cable. If you do this, set the T1® Preset to
Category: Utility
Preset: Bypass

TC Helicon Play Acoustic Mono to T1.png

There's MIX button on the TC-Helicon Play Acoustic that brings up a screen where it's easy to control the relative volumes. Vocal volume is set. You can raise and lower the other inputs on the TC-Helicon Play Acoustic.


And it's nice to use just one cable from the TC-Helicon Play Acoustic to the T1 ToneMatch® Audio Engine and use just one T1 ®Channel.

If you want to control the vocal and guitar signals separately on the T1® then set the TC-Helicon Play Acoustic Output mode to Vocal / DI. See page 31 of the TC-Helicon Play Acoustic Manual for more details.

This also allows you to use the T1® Presets for the vocal channel separate from the gutiar channel.

TC Helicon Play Acoustic VocalDI to T1.png

I like the TC-Helicon Tone Style feature, but I prefer the T1® microphone Preset. This is an either/or situation. That is, you don't want to run both at the same time. I've been through this with on the TC Helicon forum. You cannot really tweak the Tone Style very much so I usually set it OFF.


or to LESS BRIGHT. See page 30 of the TC-Helicon Play Acoustic Manual for more details.


On the T1® Bypass the microphone Preset(assuming you are connected to Channel 1 it looks like this.)


Then you can use the Voice Play Acoustic Voice Tone feature without bumping into the T1® Preset.

If I had to decide between one or the other (Play Acoustic or T1®) and we were talking strictly vocal effects (not harmonies or guitar processing), then I would keep the T1®. I prefer the control that I get with the T1®.

I may have different priorities around this than you do.

¼ inch jack cable

I use an adapter like this

Neutrik NA3FJ XLR to ¼ inch jack Tip-Ring-Sleeve female or Planet Waves XLR female to ¼ inch jack Tip-Ring-Sleeve female

{{#img: image=NeutrikNA3FJ.jpg |page= width=300px |title=NA3FJ Neutrik 3 Pin XLR Female to 1/4" TRS Female Locking Barrel Adapter}}


{{#img: image=XLRTo14female.png |page= width=300px |title=xlr female to 1/4 female adapter}}


Balanced ¼ inch jack Tip-Ring-Sleeve cable or Unbalanced ¼ inch jack Tip-Sleeve cable

{{#img: image=TRStoTRS.jpg |page= width=300px |title=¼ inch jack Tip-Ring-Sleeve }}


{{#img: image=TSUnbalanced.jpg |page= width=300px |title=¼ inch jack Tip-Sleeve }}

OR a longer version of a cable like this:

XLR to TRS mp106.jpg



T1® - any one of the T1® ¼ inch jack inputs.


T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine

TC-Helicon Play Acoustic Manual


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