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I will be there - Rick Prince and bringing a jazz bass

Got it Rick

Thanks - What's your forum id? - edit - got it Steel Ghost (cool) Number of beds? Do you prefer a room at the Inn or a bed in a cabin?

Michael Nunley- Arrives PVD 5pm Sat. - Vocals but hope to bring my HPD-15 - would love to share a ride from airport to site.

Michael Nunley Sat 5:00 PVD arrival

Got it! - noted in the arrivals list

Can't make it - Skillydally

I'm out. Sorry guys, I'm bummed... -Mark


We are going to miss you. Would have been great to meet you and play some tunes.

Rust Never Sleeps - A Live Neil Young Retrospective

Adding my band mates. As of now, all are commuting, so no lodging needed. If any change their minds, I've got plenty of room for them in Cabin # 2...

Name/instrument(s)/times, subject to change: Ken Gibson/guitar, lead vox, harmonica, keys/Monday Mike Garron/bass, backing vox/Monday Scott Meneades/drums, backing vox/Monday Rob Hamilton/pedal steel/Monday & Tuesday


(edit) Warren Center reservations are made; the plan is for the wife & I to meander up (by car) from the Philadelphia area Friday night & Saturday. She will drive back on Monday, while I hope to be able to catch public transportation (e.g. train) back on Wednesday. (I couldn't figure out how to get the spreadsheet to add Dan & Susan in directly on the attendee list.)

I still need to figure out Wed departure for me... LOL!

Looking forward to it.

I'll be there Monday night. I also whipped up a quick video of Big Sur performances (using both Drummer's and my camera footage together with the two-channel recording off of the AKG mics) that you will probably see when you come in on Sunday PM.