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Kemper Stage Factory Reset

Here's the information received from the support team :

In order to reset the PROFILER to as-delivered-state please perform the following steps:

1. First, consider to create a backup as this process will delete all user data and reset all global settings.

2. Upgrade to the current PROFILER operating system release software. The steps are described in the manual.

3. Press and hold soft button 1 (left above display) while powering on into Tuner Mode. For PROFILER Stage hold soft button 1 plus SYSTEM button while powering on.

4. Keep holding the button(s) until "System Maintenance" appears on the display.

5. In Maintenance Mode press "Recovery", "Init&Factory Content", "Yes", "Ok".

6. Then press the EXIT button and reboot or simply restart the PROFILER.

The PROFILER will now start like a brand-new device under current software and will ask for your confirmation of date, time and Owner Name entry.

Source: Kemper Stage Factory Reset