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Article Guidelines

We have a formal Site Policy and we have these Article Guidelines.

Please DO

  • Provide links to all sources of outside information.
  • Clearly distinguish between facts and opinions.
  • Expand all acronyms or create an article that defines an acronym if you insist on using one.
  • Use your personal page to tell us about you, provide links to your website or blog, and do some personal promotion.
  • Sign your articles (use ~~~~ to sign your contributions)


  • DO NOT Promote rumours.
    If you write in a tone that suggests that you are providing facts, link to a source or expect your article to be edited mercilessly.
  • DO NOT Quote anonymous sources.
    If a source cannot be named, then what s/he has to say does not belong here.
  • DO NOT Use this site to advertise your goods and services.
    Exception: Feel free to post a link and brief description in your personal page (linked from your Log In ID at the top, near the center of every page).

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