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L1 Model II Analog Input

The Analog input is a ¼ inch balanced input jack.

Model 1S Analog Input Detail.png

Analog input trim (volume, or gain) control

Setting the trim level on the Model II Power Stand is a one-time step. Once you have matched the output of the ToneMatch mixer to the input of the L1 you don't need to adjust it again.

Model II Analog Input Trim.png

  1. Set the Trim control on the power stand to the 0 (zero) position.
  2. Connect the source device Main Output to the Analog Input
  3. Adjust the volume of the source device Main Output to the reference or nominal output level.
    • On analog consoles this may be marked as unity or 0 dB.
    • On digital consoles this may be marked as -18 dBFS[1][2]. The exact value (-18 dBFS to -20 dBFS) may vary depending your location[3].
    • Refer to the manual for the source device for details.
  4. While playing the source, increase the Trim level so that the Signal/Clip indicator glows green or yellow. This will probably be around 9:00-11:00 o'clock
  5. If the Signal/Clip indicator glows red, decrease the Trim level so that it glows only green or yellow.

Model 1S Analog Input