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Sub1 Sub2 This information is applicable to the Sub1/Sub2

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Why have a LEVEL control on the Bose Sub1/Sub2? This can also apply to other subwoofers as well.
Equal-loudness contours from ISO 226:2003 shown with original ISO standard.

At lower volume, the Equal Loudness contour[1] shows that humans don't perceive bass as well as mid-highs. You can compensate for this by turning up the Sub1/Sub2 LEVEL Control.

Other times bass may seem excessive

  • At higher volumes
  • Due to boundary effects (proximity to walls and corners)
  • On a resonant stage

You can compensate for this by turning down the Sub1/Sub2 LEVEL Control.

Recommended Settings

Sub1Sub2 Level Control.jpg
  1. Set the Sub1/Sub2 Level control at 12:00 o'clock[2].
  2. Raise/lower the volume of the L1 Pro32 as required.
  3. Adjust the Sub1/Sub2 Level control to balance bass level with the mid-high level from the L1 Pro 32.