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Templates for L1® components

When referring to components of the L1® System please use these templates {{ some code }} . The templates will be automatically expanded in the text with a link to a page defining the term.

If you use these templates it can save an incredible amount of time if there is a change in the name of the products. For example - when the L1™ became L1®, I just had to change the template for {{L1}} and all the places where we had use the template, were updated.

All Templates

Here is a List of all Templates but you will probably find the list below more useful.

Commonly Used Templates

TemplateDisplays as
{{A1}} PackLite® power amplifier model A1
{{A1 EB}} PackLite® power amplifier model A1 Extended Bass Package
{{B1}} B1 Bass Module
{{Classic}} L1 Classic
{{Classic Manual}} L1® Classic Owner's Guide (a link to the owners guide)
{{L1}} L1
{{L1r}}{{L1 nl}} / {{L1 no link}} L1®
{{L1 CR}} L1 Cylindrical Radiator® loudspeaker
{{Model I}} L1 Model I
{{Model I Manual}} L1® Model I Owner's Guide (a link to the owners guide)
{{Model II}} L1 Model II
{{Model II Manual}} L1® Model II Owner's Guide (a link to the owners guide)
{{PAS}} Bose® Personalized Amplification System™ family of products
{{PS1}} PS1 Power Stand (Classic) / Model I
{{T1}} T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine
{{T1 nl}} or {{T1 no link}} T1 ToneMatch® Audio Engine
{{T1 Manual}} T1 ToneMatch® Audio Engine Owner's Guide (62 pages) (a link to the owners guide)
{{T1r}} T1®

Templates for other things

Template Displays As
{{Bose}} Bose®
{{BoseFAQ}} ==Bose Official Frequently Asked Questions==
{{forum}} or {{mb}} Bose® Pro Portable PA Community
{{A1 icon}}
{{B1 icon}}
{{Classic icon}}
{{Model I icon}}
{{Model II icon}}
{{T1 icon}}