ToneMatch Mixer Gain Staging and ToneMatch Preset

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The first thing you do when connecting a sound source to your ToneMatch mixer is set the input trim. This is gain staging. Then you can set the ToneMatch Preset for your source. We'll do both in the short video below.

At the beginning of the video, I'm doing a factory reset so we don't bump into any old settings. You do not have to do a factory reset before you set the input trim on your ToneMatch mixer.

The trim controls across the top will be different
The trim controls across the top of your ToneMatch mixer will likely be different. This is because the output levels of your input sources will likely be different. This is normal.
Mixing - Use the volume controls not the trim controls
Once you have set the input trim, you should not have to change it until you change the input source (e.g. different microphone, singer, or instrument). Do not use the trim control to change the channel volume. Use the channel volume control.
Saved Scenes do not capture the trim, channel volume, or Master Volume settings.