ToneMatch Mixer to S1 Pro

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Here's a quick overview of how you can connect a ToneMatch Mixer[1] to an S1 Pro

  1. Leave the ToneMatch Mixer[1] and S1 Pro turned off until you have things connected
  2. Connect the ToneMatch power supply to the ToneMatch Mixer[1] (Power supply sold separately for the T4S ToneMatch mixer)
  3. Connect the ToneMatch Mixer[1] Right Output to S1 Pro System channel 1 or 2
    T4S 14 to S1 Pro.png
  4. Use a 1/4 inch Tip-Ring-Sleeve cable for best results

On the S1 Pro System channel:
S1 Pro Settings for mixer.jpg

  1. Turn off the reverb
  2. Set both tone controls to the center position
  3. Set the channel volume off
  4. Turn on the ToneMatch Mixer[1]

On the ToneMatch Mixer[1]

  1. Set the Rotary Selector to PAN/AUX
  2. Press the CH EDIT button for each channel you are using and pan the input hard RIGHT
  3. Note: Steps 1 and 2 above are one-time-only. You don't have to change this unless you get another S1 Pro and want to run in stereo
  4. Connect all your sound sources to the ToneMatch Mixer[1]
  5. Turn on the S1 Pro
  6. Bring up the channel volume on the S1 Pro to about 11:00 o'clock
  7. Control the volume using the ToneMatch Mixer[1] Master Volume
    • If you see the S1 Pro channel 1 light turning solid red occasionally, turn down the volume on the ToneMatch Mixer[1]
    • Or if you see the S1 Pro channel 1 light turning solid red frequently, turn down the volume on the S1 Pro System
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