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ToneMatch® Audio Engine power supply.

This is the power supply for the ToneMatch Mixer[1].

Not Required with L1 Pro[2]

The L1 Pro[2] systems have a ToneMatch port that can supply power to any ToneMatch mixer.

Required with Earlier Systems except L1 Model II

You will need this to power your ToneMatch Mixer[1] when running with an L1 Compact, S1 Pro System, L1 Classic, L1 Model I, or non-Bose equipment. You will need a one of these if you have two ToneMatch Mixer[1]s running into a single L1® Model II or L1® Model 1S. — details below the picture.

T1 ToneMatch® Audio Engine power supply

If you connect your T1 ToneMatch® Audio Engine to a L1 Model II or L1 Model 1S then the T1 ToneMatch® Audio Engine draws its power through the ToneMatch® cable.

If you connect your T1 ToneMatch® Audio Engine to an an L1 Classic, L1 Model I or L1 Compact or non-Bose equipment then you will need the T1 ToneMatch® Audio Engine power supply

If you are attaching two T1 ToneMatch® Audio Engines to a single L1® Model II then you will need this power supply to support the second T1® - the one connected to the Power Stand Analog Input.

See: Connecting Two T1®s to a Model II for details.

If you disassemble the Ethercon connector (not recommended), it's tricky to reassemble it.


Note: There are small guides on the grey piece that slide into the slots in the barrel.


Media:BDA 564 - etherCON NE8MX-1 & NE8MX-B-1 - RJ45 cable connector carrier.pdf

Close up of the connector that goes to the ToneMatch Mixer[1], just in case you damage the cable and have to replace the connector.

Note: The picture is taken with the flat side facing the camera. The release clip is on the other side.

Close up of the RJ45 connector

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